libcarrot is a modular and experimental libc, made for “main” plateforms such as Linux or other UNIX-likes, as for exotic platforms such as built from the ground up OSes for embedded devices, like the one on CASIO’s graphical calculators.

I started this project as of rising March 2017, while at Eduspot: I wanted to make a quick application to test something with a library; however, I did not have any appropriate libc to work with, as the one from Hitachi/Renesas/CASIO wasn’t completely functional on GNU/Linux. So I started making my own C library.

This project is still at a very early stage and the related tools are not finished yet. I don’t know if this project will even be useful elsewhere than CASIOWIN, to be honest.

You can find this project on Github. I also made topics about it on CASIO-related forums such as Planète Casio and Code Walrus.

Thanks for your interest towards the libcarrot project. I hope to see you later, when the project will be more complete!

Thomas “Cakeisalie5” Touhey